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I survived!!! (just)

I do not know how i did it!!

My main teacher is also my maths teacher and my homeroom is P403 if anyone of you want to pop by (don’t even think about it!).

Please answer this poll and be honest!!

Serious Freaking Out !!!!!!!!!

Ok, Charlotte, breathe in breath out.

As a lot of you know i’m starting year 7 in a school that is about a gazillion times the size of my old one!!!! I’ve got this really bad image of me in my brain of me tripping over dramatically. When I told my dad this he said that probably happens to 0.0003% of the population and that everybody has that image because they’re scared they’ll make a fool of themselves.

And i mean, i’m actually really lucky to even go to school.

Hey, i mean it’s happened to everybody before me and we’re all still here!

And breathe… 


Hi everybody,

I’m finally on holiday! Okay all of my friends are on holiday too but my parents have gone off on a romantic weekend in Dorset. I’m writing to you from France (which is were i am staying during this half term) I’ll send you some more posts about what i’ve been doing!

P.S.: Thanks for the lovely comments

Hi everybody,

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in ages!!!!!! So I thought I might as well write about my sewing. As some of you may know I got loads of things to help me with my sewing(thank you everybody).

I know that some of you who are following my blog are interested in fashion/sewing. I can’t say I’m an expert (obviously!) but I feel pretty confident about that sort of thing. Ever since I’m quite small I’ve wanted to be a designer without actually knowing it, what I mean is that I was always drawing dresses and clothes and a little while ago I realised that to be a designer you needed to know how to sew! It seams so obvious once you know it but as I said I didn’t. A lot of famous designers talk about the concept but as Jimmy Choo said: “[…] so the message is; you need to know the traditional skills as well. unless you have the skills concept is meaningless.” Jimmy Choo, Berkshire Life, April 2010.

I totally agree with Miuccia Prada when she said:” I love fashion, but I think it should stay in it’s place, not rule your life. It’s a very nice part of your life, but I think it should be fun.” Vogue U.K., April 2008

Next time I’ll write about my own creations.

See you then!


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